Tip: when should you take insurance in blackjack to win?

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Even money is still called “insurance” in the world of blackjack, a card game that is very popular in both virtual and physical casinos. This option for players has advantages and disadvantages for the outcome of the game. Is this still a reason to avoid it? Let’s read on!

What about insurance in the world of blackjack?

In blackjack, insurance is the alternative offered to the player that tends to protect him or her from a potential dealer’s win. As you may doubt it, opting for insurance in this game means not being afraid of losing even when the dealer has a blackjack or a draw 21 in his possession.

Regulars in this card-drawing game know that when the cards are dealt, they will not be able to win the game if the dealer has a blackjack card or an ace. Therefore, when he chooses insurance, he no longer risks losing all of his winnings even if he is exposed to either of these cards.

How is blackjack insurance purchased?

During the course of the game, any player may apply for insurance. You can also do so by simply asking to increase your bet. However, the increase in question does not involve any amount. It must be half of the original bet. So, in case you don’t win the game, you will be able to take possession of that half of the previously added winnings.

Therefore, it is not enough for you to accept the principle for the insurance to be automatically issued. In order to take it, the game’s dealer must request it right after the card distribution stage. Answer this request and get your insurance.

Moreover, blackjack insurance is not something that you just take out at random. Although the option is available for all table games and in most virtual casinos, you should take a moment to think about it before agreeing to it. Don’t rely on your intuition, but rather on reason. In any case, you should make sure that you have the necessary funds available before making such a double-edged bet.

Why avoid insurance at all costs?

Insurance is an option to be avoided in blackjack. For good reason, it has a very negative effect on the player’s odds. It has even been proven that the losses of money he may suffer can be prolonged over the long term. Players who opt for insurance have no idea of the high percentages that the casino acquires through this alternative.

In fact, insurance has always paid out 2 to 1, while as a player, you only have a 9 out of 4 chance of getting blackjack. It is strongly discouraged to subscribe to it even if only 2 cards offer you a hand of 21. By doing so, you are agreeing to win the game 1 to 1 when you could well win it 3 to 2.

The only time it is permissible to purchase blackjack insurance is when you are an expert in card counting. In fact, only the card counter can in some cases take advantage of this insurance. The most palpable example is the following: if 7 players are playing a game of blackjack and none of them have a log, you will be able to take out insurance if you are acting as a dealer. Chances are that you have a card worth 10 that will allow you to play blackjack.

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