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Remember when you had your first Windows computer, at that time it was version 95 or 97. There was a game that everybody loved: spider solitaire. Well, this game can obviously be adapted in a non-computerized version, let’s say, and will give you even more satisfaction because of the different phases that take place, especially that of card preparation.

This card game is a very good way to make your brain work. Because even if it seems easy to play, it is quite true, the rules are very simple to assimilate, the solitaire spider is still a game that will require a lot of thought, logic and patience. So if you too would like to play a game for yourself, or simply to teach the game to a friend or your child, you can use our presentation.

The rules of the game for Spider Solitaire

In the first instance, you need a deck of 52 cards. You have understood it, the solitary spider, as its name suggests, is played alone. We wanted to make you discover both types of games on our site, games that you can share with friends and games that you can have fun with when you are alone, solitaire being one of them. Your objective in this game will be to reconstitute 4 series of cards from king to ace. By doing this you will win the round.

Placement of the cards

Before starting the game, you must place the cards. In some game guides, you will find a lot of illogical rules that lead us to believe that some people don’t know how to count. We have seen incredible things like “Make 10 columns, 4 with 6 cards and 6 with 5 cards”. If you do the math, that’s 54 cards. With a deck of 52, that’s going to be difficult.

The real way to arrange the cards is to make 10 columns of 4 cards each. You will then have 12 cards left in the deck. The cards must be laid out face down, except for the last card of each column, which will be uncovered. That’s it for the placement.

The unfolding of a game of Spider Solitaire

So you’re going to start with a card that is flipped over. This card you have to go and place it on a card that will be just above it, no matter what color it is: for example, if you start with a 4, then you can place it on a 5, if you start with a jack, you can place it on a queen.

It is the king that must be placed at the very top of the column to complete a series. If you have a column made up of cards that are uncovered and placed on top of each other, then you can move the entire column to a card that is higher than the first card in the column: for example, if your column is made up of 7, 6, 5 and 4, then you can move the entire column if you place it on an 8.

Since there are 10 columns to start with but only 4 sets to complete, there will be a moment when you will free up spaces. In these empty spaces you can place any card, but always try to put the most important one so that you can build behind it afterwards.

When you have no more possibilities, you draw three cards. Play with these three cards, if you are still stuck, then remove three more cards from the draw pile by putting the unused ones back underneath the deck.

The game ends either when you have built up your 4 series or in the worst case, when you can’t do anything more.

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