Enjoy an evening of casino and gambling movies!

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Do you want to rest a little? Why not have a movie night with a movie about the casino, such as CasinoChan Canada? Just imagine how exciting and intriguing it is to watch all the details, to literally feel the tension that the characters are experiencing. And then to rejoice in their stunning success, or to watch as they find sophisticated ways to win what is due to them.

If you’re a gambler and you like gambling, you’ll probably like the titles we’ve selected. 

Here we have collected 5 best movies with the subject of casinos and gambling. You can organize yourself a pleasant movie night!

“Ocean’s 11” by Steven Soderbergh

It’s a perfect movie for a quiet evening that will put you in a good mood. It tells the story of a robbery of three Las Vegas casinos by Danny Ocean. For this he looked like a team of professionals. Together they make a plan and manage to steal huge amounts of money. The film is characterized by interesting and well-written dialogues. Moreover, the characters are played by real stars like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and many others.

“Casino” by Martin Scorsese

If you like the work of this famous director, you will undoubtedly love his movie “Casino”. It is based on the real story of a handicapped player presented by Robert de Niro. This is already the eighth collaboration between the director and this actor that is as impressive as all the previous ones. The film perfectly conveys emotions and allows you to feel them in order to better understand the world of gambling.

“Dealer” by Mike Hodges

The neo-black style movie will undoubtedly interest you. Contrary to most casino movies, here we have a darker and a little pessimistic image. The main character, Jack Manfred, is a casino dealer and a writer. And almost the whole movie is set as his vision of the gambling world.

“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” by Guy Ritchie

It’s a true masterpiece of cinema. Even if it’s not directly about the casino, it tells the story of Eddie who loses by playing poker and decides to pay off his debt by stealing two antique guns. The film stands out from the others by its sarcastic nature and the director’s very interesting approach. The film does not have a unique style, which allowed it to be fed with unexpected events.

“Casino Royale” by Martin Campbell

Do you want to watch an action movie? Why not watch one of those James Bond movies? The one with Daniel Craig, “Casino Royale”, is worth watching. The subject is quite captivating, while the actors and director have done a good job of making the movie interesting for any audience. In addition, the main character, James Bond, plays one of the most popular games of chance in casinos, baccarat. Together with the main character dive into the magical world of the game industry, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack and cleverly constructed dialogue.

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